The Spiritual Laws of Money: God’s Top Secret Codes and Mathematical Equations for Wealth, Fortune, Abundance and Unlimited Sources of Profit that Millionaires Hide from You - Daniel Marques

The Spiritual Laws of Money: God’s Top Secret Codes and Mathematical Equations for Wealth, Fortune, Abundance and Unlimited Sources of Profit that Millionaires Hide from You

By Daniel Marques

  • Release Date: 2015-08-07
  • Genre: Self Help
  • Size: 287.18 KB

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There are specific laws that millionaires in the World, from the United States to China, including Europe and other continents, follow in order to obtain their fortune. Every day, even as the economy shows instability and downturns, many new millionaires are born. And they have things in common, no matter how old or young they may seem. They share the same knowledge about how to make money, and their habits match money making laws. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Sir Richard Branson, and many others, have secrets they’ve learned through hard work, accumulated failures and life experience.

We may admire the personality of successful individuals and what they do, not knowing that, behind them, there’re spiritual laws that cross time and have been with us for millions of years. Gaining profit, in any activity, has always followed the same codifications, God’s codes. They are related to the laws of energy and karma.

The theory of the law of attraction isn’t anywhere near to showing us these codes or explaining them. But science and, more precisely, mathematics and physics, are still closed inside numbers and molecules, not really allowing the common citizen to apply their principles in daily life to change reality. In fact, there’s no interest in providing society with the power to change reality with precise and scientifically proven formulas.

After years studying the law of attraction profoundly and with the help of the best teachers in this field, studying religious laws with some of the fastest growing religious societies, and learning some of the most well-hidden religious secrets about money, both in close door meetings for a few selected individuals and with some of the biggest world billionaires living in Asia, the final point that allowed me to combine this entire data under one single guideline was reached. In fact, I would probably never truly understand the application of many spiritual theories, if I hadn’t seen how they apply in, for example, an Indian business owner that got rich after three bankruptcies, or billionaires in China and Singapore, that built their entire fortune out of nowhere, with no help, no education or even money in their pockets. Observing how fast these people can double, and even triple, their income, in just a few weeks or years, leaves no doubt regarding the power of these laws and their truth, despite what the majority may think about it. Besides, it’s only normal that most people won’t ever agree with these principles, and will even criticize and mock them, as that’s why they don’t control the flow of wealth as some do. The ones we call the 1% aren’t the 99% for a reason.

The time has come to reveal these secrets and this book is very likely one of the most resumed and clearer about this issue that can be found in the whole world. I nearly took it out of the market in 2015, when noticing that the first edition, published for the first time in 2012, was receiving many bad reviews. However, because I also saw many people advertising it as the best book about money they’ve ever read, and experts in finance (as well as managers of international banks and stockbrokers), promoting it as an interesting and inspirational work, I decided instead to create a second edition, while expanding the first with what I’ve learned and gained in the past three years, by applying the exact same rules to my life and to help others in theirs.