The Nostradamus Revelation: An Omega Sector Thriller - Vincent Pauletti

The Nostradamus Revelation: An Omega Sector Thriller

By Vincent Pauletti

  • Release Date: 2011-02-09
  • Genre: Fiction & Literature
  • Size: 364.86 KB

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A mysterious artifact from an ancient relic once belonging to Alexander the Great is found on the illegal antiquities market and the race to save the world begins. Only Major Donovan Stone and his elite hometeam of Omega Sector operatives can prevent a catastrophe from occurring.
But, they have formidable opposition: a rogue military force headed by the former Director of Homeland Security, Five-Star General, Zachariah Combs, and his second in command, ex-Navy SEAL Team Six Commander, Admiral Richard Alberts- who himself shares a past with Major Stone. A past which either man would be willing to kill the other for.
What no one is unaware of is the fact that, when this simple quest begins, it is only the first of the ten ancient relics which must brought to the Altar of Judgment, in Tikal, Guatemala. Once there an ancient puzzle needs to be solved, thus securing a sacred document lost to the world for nearly five-hundred years.
Using the mysterious Nostradamus Manuscript, Stone and his team will need to survive ancient traps, solve harrowing riddles and try not to die in the process. All before the start of the last Total Solar Eclipse of 2012.
With both time, an army of well-financed mercenaries, and thousand year-old booby traps around every corner, can Stone and his team find the ten relics before the prophesized deadline?
Or, will they fall into enemy hands?
Worse yet, if they do, what will become of the fate of the world?
All these questions can be answered in The Nostradamus Revelation…