China Doesn't Exist: Comparative Observation of the Reality in Modern China and the Economic, Social and Political Overview in Portugal - Daniel Marques

China Doesn't Exist: Comparative Observation of the Reality in Modern China and the Economic, Social and Political Overview in Portugal

By Daniel Marques

  • Release Date: 2015-01-01
  • Genre: Business & Personal Finance
  • Size: 315.55 KB

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As the world continues to evolve in unpredictable directions, but the Portuguese economy remains predictably in permanent decline, as it has been for centuries since the fall from world first place, there is a search for explanations, solutions and answers that seem apparently nonexistent.
An analysis of the past reveals numerous causes for the fall of a nation, but this study shows equally or more relevant as the observation of new emerging nations.
Against this backdrop, China now presents itself as an example of good economy and society to the Portuguese, even though also in this attitude they are behind many others, which have already passed this stage and start looking for a new possibility in the future post China.
The Portuguese investments in the east have been increasing in the same way as before the trade settled in the Lusophone countries like Brazil, Angola and Mozambique. But is this Chinese reality so promising?
Many studies conducted in China have overlooked extremely important details that dictate the real scenario of this country. It is based on this hidden truth that this book seeks to portray what really is going on in this new world number one.
Although comparing two distinct situations, of two countries also very different in dimensions, there is here further study, such as what two large empires may enable understanding.
From the fall of the world longest empire, as is the case of Portugal, to the emergence of a new empire risen from the ashes and poverty, as it's China's situation, much there is to compare in order to achieve better predictions about markets and economies in the world scnerario.
Thus, this book shows itself highly relevant and necessary for businessmen and politicians of any country, seeking to establish trade and investment with China, but also for those who want to live and work in this country.
This work does not hide many of the most perverse situations of this modern nation and the Chinese way of thinking towards the West, to evidence what the Chinese actually plan for the entire planet. It's an opportunity to get to know this country deeply and what it represents for the future of humanity.
This work is based on a study of more than six years, held in various cities from north to south, and consists of numerous interviews with citizens of both countries. But, still presents comparisons relative to other European and Asian countries, mainly in the area of business.
This work reveals the truth hidden by the media and fantasy films about the east, beyond the legends, Chinese stories and philosophies, which represent a false image of China, which today exists hidden behind the shadow of the past.